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Duration: 09:00 h - 13:00 h
Location: Stolac
Price: 30€/person
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Tour in Stolac

Throughout its long history, Stolac has been an outstandingly cultured town. No other town in Bosnia and Herzegovina has produced such a rich array of intellectuals, artists, poets and leaders. Strolling through Stolac to the sound of the rushing Bregava and the many songbirds, it is easy to imagine the inspiration felt by its many generations of extraordinary personalities.


Price: 30 €/person

Duration: 4 hours

Tour schedule: every day

Booking: 24 hours in advance

Min number of persons: 2 pax

Starts: In front of Almira Travel Agency or hotel Almira.

Additional information: Tour is not a private tour, transfer, guide,  included in the price. Entarnce ticket to Radimlja Stećci not included in the price:

Radmilja – stećci (medieval grave tombs)  – 2 €/per person